Day 272 of 2555: releasing the picture of Bernard and continuing what it stood for

basisinkomengarantieOn Sunday, August 11th early in the morning, Bernard Poolman passed away, his heart stopped beating…

Last Sunday my parents were over for a visit and I had made an agreement with myself that I wouldn’t constantly check my mail as a point of not being here. I’d muted the sound of my laptop and would therefore not be guided by distractions and that went actually pretty well. When my parents left around half past 9 that night, the normal peace returned in the house. We cleaned up and I decided to check my mail. My partner almost immediately asked if I had already read the mail from Robert and that annoyed me, because I’d like to start on the top of the mail list and go through the mails in a chronological order to not miss anything important. Finally I decided to read the mail first after my partner insisted me to do so. I could not believe what was written, a flash through my mind took me to the point of; it must be a joke or a test to see if we can stand and continue process without Bernard. But soon that was replaced by common sense, nobody would think of such a sick joke, that would simply not serve the best interest of all, to announce online the death of Bernard by his daughter Cerise on his own blog ‘Creations Journey to Life‘, while someone is still alive. So Bernard’s death is a fact.

Then I found out that I’d missed the chat that had taken place to answer all questions everybody had about the death of Bernard, in the moment I did experience this as having missed a funeral, a missed chance to be together with all who had known him. I decided to not give in to the fantasies of my mind and read the chat afterwards in the chat log. Although I couldn’t give any input myself while reading the chat, it was a moment where I carefully read the words that I integrated within myself to fully understand the true impact of the loss of Bernard.

Bernard was a man that was hated or loved, there was no middle ground, which indicates the intensity of him walking this earth. When Bernard did something, he lived it after he had determined whether it was in the best interest for all in all ways. Which made him into a great example for all who were able to get to know him through his words. His words were for many unbearable to hear, it led them to the bone, while others couldn’t get enough of the sound of his words, because they were able to hear his self-honesty and common sense. I’ve never experienced his voice as unpleasant and therefore I did play a lot of his interviews in my house, though my partner had some problems with Bernard’s voice in the beginning, later on he could see where Bernard had touched upon and where he had instabilities inside. Which doesn’t say anything about my stability and enjoying hearing Bernard’s voice, I could hear it and at the same time I could see the points inside of me that needed attention. In the beginning Bernard’s voice gave rise to images inside of me, about how he physically would look like. I felt quite confident at that time, about my ability to use a voice to determine how the person looked like. Blinded by this opinion I never actually saw how off I was in almost all cases, and so I was with Bernard. I saw a small man with dark eyes en dark hair in front of me, who was speaking according to me in an Indian-English accent. I really had a big laugh afterwards when I found out that the farm was situated in South-Africa and Bernard was a tall big man and more blond than dark with an Afrikaans accent.

I only encountered Bernard in chats and emails and never met him in person. I’ve asked myself if I’m missing this chance of ever meeting him in person, the chance to stand eye to eye with the incarnated message, that I’ve applied within my life. And I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter, the message is the message and it’s up to me to integrate it into my life and to show it to others through my actions. De message of Jesus is mainly the foundation onto which Bernard has gone further and as which he has actually lived as a living example for anyone who wanted to see and hear. Which made him to me at a certain point like a big stick, more like: as he can do it, as he did it, what limitations do I put myself through in order to not do that what is in the best interest of all? Bernard continued saying: investigate for yourself, and yes, I started investigating even how difficult it was to gather that information in order to be able to say: this is what I discovered and that’s why I stand as this point. I also learned to see what the consequences are of my actions when I do not act in self-honesty, and instead act as the result of my emotions/feelings/fears. And also when you do not see a point the first time it will return another time and another time in different forms till you get it and that’s why this is such a great test to see how far you are within a particular point.

At some point the SRA course arose to do some structured process to assist us to realize ourselves. After about a year Bernard told us that it would be better for us to do a year full of mind constructs. We didn’t master the mind construct yet in a sufficient way in order to progress and to come to understand ourselves and the world around us, but most of us were not looking forward to a whole year of mind constructs. I even saw it as a punishment for not being good enough at it yet and I felt resistances, but here Bernard served as a big stick, because none of us would have asked for this all by ourselves. Some did it within a year and others took a bit longer, but it was the biggest gift ever that we could gift ourselves.

Besides serving as a big stick, Bernard was to me a sort of conscience at a distance, I asked myself what he would do or how he would see something. You’ll understand that such depending behaviour eventually leads to mind fucks and fears and therefore I had to say goodbye to that behaviour. Yet his words were still important to me, because I knew his words were absolute and mine not yet. The moment I started blogging and Bernard started sharing my blogs on Facebook, that made me proud of myself and gave me the space to continue. Also this behaviour I had to let go since it wasn’t constructive behaviour. Bernard was like a father for everyone regardless of your age, a father figure that shares the first steps you take with you, whether he was physically there or not it didn’t matter.

Bernard absolutely didn’t want to be seen as a guru or leader with followers who were mimicking without using common sense. He would say things like: I walk with you and when you walk behind me to follow me I will fart so loud until you will walk next to me, that was typically Bernard. He wanted us to become his equals and not depending children who were lost without him. He wanted a strong stable group that could be like a strong front and stand for and as life. He alone had already walked process and knew that walking process within a group would be much faster, so he attracted people with his message and formed a group. Not as is often alleged, that he started a group around him and especially women to follow him, which was at odds with his principles and he wouldn’t deny his principles.

I have often looked with disbelief at what people, of the darkness of the internet, shared as being the truth about Bernard. People who absolutely did not know him or had experienced him in real life, though they had such huge reactions to the message of oneness and equality and were anxious that they were about to lose their comfortable lives, lived at the expense of others. These people we started to call haters, because it was pure hatred that was displayed. Bernard had to laugh about them and saw through them at the first word that came out of them, what caused even more hatred inside of them. Bernard was the catalyst that could touch upon everything inside of you when you allowed it and well if someone is calling the other evil because you cannot direct yourself according to the principles of life, who to blame when you see yourself as innocent? Bernard was crucified many times for the words he spoke, the words that pressed the buttons of those who were not straightforward. The difference with Jesus is that Bernard didn’t die by these crucifixions, but he chose to pass away after giving everything to save the physical reality and to return to the earth as the dust of the earth and life itself.

Bernard is no longer here physically, but Bernard was and is life and as such he will continue to exist in and as us. I will certainly miss his cheerfulness and absoluteness. The coming time I will encounter the relationships I had build towards Bernard and investigate them in that moment for what they are and to forgive and correct within my physical reality. And the point of stability in the form of Bernard is not here anymore, but we all know that we can fill that void by continuing walking that what he started, process.

When someone dies we do not mourn about that being, but we mourn because of who we were towards that being. It’s an opportunity to have a deeper look at what you have accepted and allowed within the relationships you built towards that being. And mourning is the process of releasing or going to release the behaviours and habits/bad habits and restructuring it in an effective manner that serves the interest of everyone.

Goodbye and die well ‘Bernard’, thank you for what you have meant and done for us, and welcome ‘life’ which we have to accept as that what is real and what really matters. As long as we cannot be equals to ‘life’ the smell will be awful, because when ‘life’ turns against us it means that we are against ‘life’ and that’s suicide, a useless act that no one assists, feeds or gives anyone a decent life.

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